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    About us

Thao Tin Vu, is a private enterprise established under the Law of Vietna, of the Ministry Of Planing and Investment of Ho Chi Minh city.  





Office : 146 Truong Dang Que ( old No. 131/1 ) Le Loi Street , Ward 3 , Go Vap District , Ho Chi Minh City .
Tel : 08 . 6294 0616-3894 0978 Fax : 6294 0617
Email :
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Factory: 025 Ap Thien Binh , Tam Phuoc commune , Long Thanh district , Dong Nai
Tel : 0613 . 511456-08 . 216 5813 Fax : 0613 . 511 450
Site area : 21.150 m2
Factory area : 4,500 m2

Scope of business :
1 . Production of water pipe fittings .
2 . Construction engineering .
3 . Processing template .
4 . Casting, machining of gray iron products belong , and Gang Gang bridge alloys .



THAO TIN VU COMPANY LIMITED  knowledgeable customer would like to send our warmest greetings !

Our company specializes in :

Production : The water supply pipe fittings material gray iron , ductile iron and steel . Our products are provided for water supply companies , contractors in Ho Chi Minh City and the provinces.

Machining : Moulding . Cast iron products in the gray , ductile iron and steel .

Trade: With the motto "Prestige , Quality , Competitive Price " . Flexible forms of purchase , the customer service 24/24h needs . Our company warehouse delivery customers in urban centers and Ho Chi Minh City with the minimum number 500kg loading and unloading at customer warehouse staff by ensuring customers receive .

Shipping to customers in the province from South to North in the fastest time .

Consulting and technical support : When your company needs to produce proprietary products your customers, your company can consult with our company , technical staff of the our company and customers will design, manufacture this product , own branded customers . Our company is committed to not disclose techniques , as well as this product does not reach out to foreign markets .

Our company applies strict management system ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System and ISO 14001-2004 Environment .
Our company welcomes acclaimed collaboration with investors in foreign countries as well as in the field of production and consumption of products within the laws of Vietnam .

Our company hopes to get the satisfaction of our customers. The interest your reference to technical and price is great honor for us .

Best regards !